The Creation of Insegni Centre

It’s been a busy few weeks since I ventured back out into being an entrepreneur and started my own consulting company, hence the lack of blogging.  Besides being busy, it’s been incredibly exciting and I look forward to getting back to blogging to share technology and strategy insights with you.  Stay tuned as well for some interesting announcements over the next short while!

Insegni Centre was created out of the idea that in order for companies to truly realize the value of technology, they need to approach it strategically. By starting with business goals & objectives and assessing where in the technology spectrum a company falls, the Insegni Approach to strategy will allow organizations to experience the rapid realization of value from their IT investments.

The word Insegni is Italian for “teach” and that is the crux of our approach, where members from our client teams teach us about their business and we in turn bring knowledge & resources for technology usage. Our goal is to learn quickly, foster mutual learning between our clients and our team, and to ultimately create innovative strategies for leveraging technology. It is a client-centric approach where we integrate members of the client team and the Insegni team so that an intimate understanding of the business is coupled with the best practices of strategic IT. The Insegni Approach delivers the rigor of classic strategy, coupled with a nimbleness and creativity that organizations demand in today’s dynamic marketplace.

As I said earlier, stay tuned for some follow-on exciting news including a new joint-service offering in the area of social media and business intelligence,  the launch of an upcoming strategy book and the creation of an innovation centre where clients can come onsite and participate in our unique strategic workshops to create breakthrough innovation strategies for their use of technology to create new advantages in their businesses.

Thanks to everyone who have been so supportive and enthusiastic about this new venture!

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11 replies

  1. Congratulations mip!
    Sounds exciting. Look forward to getting caught up!

  2. Exciting! Congratulations! Wish we’d nabbed you here! 😉

  3. Have fun with it and best wishes! If you are down in NY look me up again. It’d be great to partner on some social media opportunities.

  4. Awesome! When does the innovation center open?

  5. Have fun! A very interesting concept. Look forward to reading more about it.

  6. Just saw this in my email! Great news mip!
    Where are you located? Be great to meet and get caught up.

  7. I would like to speak with you regarding facilitated sessions. Can you assist with business process reengineering or is what your company does specific to IT?

  8. Get back to blogging! I’m missing the Wednesday app of the week reviews! 🙂

  9. After year of reading your blog I’ve wondered how long before you struck out on your own. Good for you! I hope to read about some of the things you are finding in the area of strategy + innovation. Good luck!

  10. Bravo! Be great to hear what you are up to. Like the idea of the innovation center. Not enough of that going on here in Canada!

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