App Wednesday: Bloomberg TV+

One of the real strengths of the iPad is the ability to use it as a media device, to consume all kinds of various content, whether it be reading newspapers, reading books, surfing the web or watching videos.  I’ve got a number of excellent apps that provide me with video content but wanted to briefly highlight one of them this App Wednesday because of just how robust it is.

I’m talking about the Bloomberg TV+ app – after having installed it a short while ago, I find that I am often opening it each day when I want to get some good business content.  The content itself is excellent, but content alone doesn’t make a good app.  The app itself has an excellent user interface to allow for a natural ease of use.  It’s packed with various video feeds and dynamically updates itself.  It gives you a mix of On Demand content but also the ability to watch live content.  The other awesome thing is the ability to have video sent via AirPlay to my Apple TV when I’m using the app at home.  Add to that the ability to create your own Playlists and you have a tremendous app delivering top notch content.  Truly a great user experience.

I encourage you to check it out for yourself.  Once you’ve had a chance to use it, please feel free to let me know what you thought of it via the comments.  Getting end-user feedback is always a pleasure and highly valuable to me.

Happy App Wednesday!

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  1. Tried it this morning. Pretty slick. It filled in details and added more visuals to news I heard on the car radio on way home last night. I don’t watch news on regular tv much so this was handy. Watched the Penn State story. But i found the app lacking in terms of archived stories. Only had choice of feed of about 5 stories and none I cared about much. I use iPad. Looks great on the screen. Other apps give options for categories of news. I am interested in technology stories and some other streams. Will keep checking back.

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