App Wednesday: News360

For those of you who know me (or read my blog often or follow my Twitter feed!) you’ll know that I am a news and info junkie.  This week’s featured app is one I’ve really enjoyed using.  It is similar in concept to Zite (another great app) but has some subtle differences that I really enjoy.

The app is News360 and it is really an excellent news aggregator app that learns what you like to read and continues to refine the stories it brings forward.  That is a lot like Zite.  What I particularly like about News360 is that you can link it to a variety of social media sites you might use like Google+, Twitter, Facebook.  You can even link it to your Evernote account!  Then News360 goes out and scans those sources and learns about the types of things that interest you.  Post a link on your Facebook wall about the new iPhone 4s and News360 will learn to bring you more articles about that topic.  Tweet something about the latest high speed internet stick for Rogers and presto, News360 will again begin to personalize your experience.

I like this type of application because it curates content for me but makes it simple to refine the criteria that goes into creating my personalized experience.  It is basically invisible to me and requires very little effort beyond the initial setup.  Add to that a wonderful looking user interface with some innovative ways to present stories (the 360 degree view is nice to have scroll by while you are working on something else and simply have your iPad resting on your desk) and you have a winner of an app!  Did I tell you it’s free.

It’s free!

So go grab it and start enjoying another personalized content experience on your iOS device.

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