App Wednesday: Mindjet

This week’s feature app here on mip’s scan is a wonderful tool for creating mind maps.  If you are unsure what a mind map is, there are several examples here in this detailed description, but in short, it’s a great way to capture unstructured thoughts and create a map (visual representation) of that information.

There are many tools that can be used to create a mind map, ranging from desktop software through to the good old-fashioned pen & paper approach.  Over the years I’ve used a number of tools but always seem to gravitate back to my favourite which is MindManager from Mindjet.  It has served me so well over the years ranging from tasks such as planning meetings, capturing requirements, completing RFPs or leading a brainstorming discussion.

This week’s App Wednesday high lights the excellent iPad version of Mindjet’s tool, simply called Mindjet on the iPad.  I had tried to use a number of other mind mapping tools previously on the iPad but they were always lacking in one way or another.  As well, none of them allowed me to easily work with the desktop tool that I’d become so accustomed to.  I was really pleased when the iPad version was launched.

Putting aside the fact that I like the desktop version, and that I like mind mapping itself as a technique, the app itself is wonderful because of how it has been built.  They didn’t simply take a desktop app and port it over onto the iPad.  You can tell that it was designed with the iPad in mind, leveraging the various strengths of what makes the tablet such a joy to use.  It is easy enough to use on the fly in a meeting without the tool getting in the way of the task at hand.  It has an intuitive set of controls.  When you are all done, you can transfer the map from the device via a simple email or by wireless downloading.

If you are a fan of mind mapping, or are planning to try using this technique in your work, then looking at this iPad app is really a must.  Just one more way to make your iPad an excellent productivity device!

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