App Wednesday: Project Management using SG Project Pro

If you need to manage projects and you want to leverage your iPad to do so, there are various options.  Many of us have used Microsoft Project for planning, but it often proves to be cumbersome to use.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find a tool for the iPad that was easy to use for managing a variety of projects.  I used Liquid Planner for a time and it is excellent, but it requires you to be connected which proved from time to  time to not work for me personally.

My search eventually took me to this Wednesday’s app of the week: SG Project Pro

This app is fantastic for managing multiple projects.  It gives you a nice simple set of tools to create Projects with associated Tasks and Actions.  I particularly like that they have the ability to create Project Risks that get associated and managed within the project.  As well, being able to go to the Portfolio Home and see a bird’s eye view of you projects and their status is awesome.  I also like that the app allows me to easily share various view with other people.  I can do an update to a project plan, for example, during a meeting and then, send the PDF version of that plan to the participants.  Or I can send an executive summary PDF version to senior people who might not want all the details.  Additionally, I can save to Dropbox, which is an added bonus leveraging the strength of the cloud.

Some of the features highlighted by SG Project Pro are:

  • Create projects and manage a portfolio of active projects
  • Create task schedules with table and Gantt-style views
  • Create and manage Action Items for each project
  • Create and manage Risks for each project
  • Associate Action Items and Risks with tasks in a project schedule
  • Set a cost for each task and view cost-to-date, cost-to-go, and total cost
  • View and study the overall schedule for your suite of active projects
  • Produce customized reports for projects, team members, and a group of projects
  • Email a variety of PDF reports directly to the project team or stakeholder
  • Export or email project data in XML format
  •  Share data easily using Dropbox
  • Share your iPad display using a VGA projector
  • Share project data easily with SG Project Go for iPhone

It really works well and leverages the strengths of the iPad.  If you are looking for a solid project management tool for your mobile needs, be sure to give SG Project Pro a look!

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