App Wednesday: Skype on Your Mobile Device

This week’s App Wednesday features a favorite of mine for great video calling and VoiP calling while on the go.  I’m talking about Skype, a tool that millions of people have used for years on their computers.  I have it installed on my iPhone and my iPad and it is indispensable for me.  I often FaceTime, but Skype has the benefit for me that so many people already use it on their computers.  With FaceTime, I can only video call people with an iOS device or if they have FaceTime on their Mac.  With Skype, I can call PC users, Mac users, Android users and iOS users.  Its market penetration is a real strength.  Of course, market penetration alone wouldn’t make this a great app.  It has to work.  On my iPhone and especially on my iPad it works outstandingly.  The recently launched iPad version has a great user interface, making it easy to use.  Call quality is very good for both voice and video.

You can grab Skype for your iOS device here for the iPad and here for iPhone.

You can also grab the Android version here, thought I haven’t personally tested that version yet.

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