iPhone 4S

So….I suspect that many people will be disappointed that the iPhone 5 didn’t launch.  What that really means is beyond me.  If they’d taken today’s new phone and called it a 5 rather than 4S would that make people happy?  What’s important is to look inside the phone.  The 4S is a big jump up from the 4.  Does it warrant existing iPhone 4 users to upgrade?  Maybe, but not necessarily.  Of course iPhone 3GS users who skipped the iPhone 4 now have something amazing to upgrade to.  Blackberry users who have been waiting also have a great option now.  Many of them have held off because they didn’t want to get an iPhone 4 only to have a new model come out.  Well the new model is out and it’s a perfect time.  The iPhone 4S with the new iOS 5 continues to lead in terms of what you can do with your smartphone.  No other phone can touch it.  The apps that are iOS’s strength will now get even more robust and begin to leverage the many new features available.  Of course eventually the iPhone 5 will come out (again…whatever that means) and people will start talking about some fabled iPhone 6 I’m sure.  If you use that logic though, you’ll never buy a device.  Compared to the other mobile vendors, who cycle through their products multiple times in one year, the iPhone has a reliable annual upgrade path and older phones aren’t left behind.

To see what’s new under the hood with the iPhone 4S, watch the video below.  I think the assistant functionality in Siri, which has been purchased and integrated into the OS, is outstanding.  I can’t wait to try that out for myself.

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9 replies

  1. Finally!! So long blackberry. I found my new phone!

  2. Think I will wait and see what the qnx phones from RIM offer first. Do you an iPhone 5 is targeted for spring?

  3. Thanks for posting the video. It keeps stalling on the Apple site. 😦

  4. Awesome! Will it be available in Canada soon? Dates please!!

    Also, will iOS give us Siri functionality on the iPad 2?

  5. This post sucks as much as the new iPhone does.

  6. It’s ok but not a leapfrog device. Eventually all companies run out of huge hits. That’s why other companies end up disrupting leaders

  7. After one quarter of sales of the iPhone 4s everyone will be eating their words. It will dominate just like the iPhone 4 did. Also the 3Gs is now free. Apple is going to exert pressure on the low-end market Android has been selling into.

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