App Wednesday: LogMeIn Ignition for the iPad

This week’s app for App Wednesday is truly one of those “must have” apps for me.  The app is LogMeIn Ignition which allows you to remotely access and control your PC or Mac from wherever you are.

For quiet a while, I have used the LogMeIn service via other computers and browsers.  The way it works is that you simply setup and account (there is a cost) and then associate your PC or Mac with that account.  I have three computers associated: my work computer in the office, my personal iMac at home and my personal Mac Mini at home.  The service has traditionally allow me, for example, to be on my laptop working remotely (let’s say at a client location) and then if needed, I could access through a browser any of my computers.  Once you’ve logged into the service via a browser, you can then remotely control the computer at the remote location.

With the introduction of the iPad app, this service became even more valuable to me.  It means that I can even more comfortably travel with just my iPad and not worry about needing my computer.  If something does arise where I need my actual computer, I can easily bring it up on my iPad and work at as though I was sitting in front of my actual computer.

It is apps like LogMeIn Ignition that really enhance the value of the iPad.  In a sense it gives you the best of both worlds: all the portability and unique apps/experience of using an iPad while still giving you access to the legacy stuff/functionality you may require from your traditional computer.  Remember, this is a transition period as we are at the start of the post PC-era and tools like LogMeIn Ignition will help to make that transition for many users.

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  1. You can get this on android as well. Don’t need an iPad to do this so save your money. Galaxy Tab all the way!!!!!!

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