What Should RIM Focus On?

By now you’ve heard that RIM performance has again fallen short of expectations.  If their performance wasn’t bad enough, it also seems that the overall brand is also taking a serious hit – so they are losing market-share and mind-share.  Not a good combination of market dynamics.

A post I’d previously written about with regard to building an Ecosystem has had some good discussion and I got numerous emails from readers that sparked some thoughts for me.  In that article I spoke about the need to create a strategic core access point (SCAP) and referenced what others had done.  People in the discussion thread asked a good question, “what would RIM’s SCAP be?  push email?  security?”

I would say that what RIM should focus on is their Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).  You can’t built an ecosystem from a device.  Pinning all hopes on QNX powered phones or some version 2 of the Playbook will yield the same results as we see today.  What RIM should do is leverage the SCAP that they and they alone control at this point.  That is the BES.  IT departments are falling out of love with RIM phones but the BES still remains a key enterprise strength.  Of course if RIM’s market share continues to drop, there will be little to no need for a BES in the coming years.  What RIM should do and do quickly is open up their BES to all the handhelds.  That is their SCAP.  From there they can build an ecosystem.  They can drive security measures to Android and iPhone devices.  They can fend off the threat that Microsoft is sure to present shortly with the update to the phones and the partnership with Nokia.  From the BES they can begin to build an enterprise ecosystem.  To do otherwise will only continue the downward trend they’ve found themselves over the past 12-18 months.

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  1. Brilliant post! I’ve emailed a link to folks at RIM! Maybe you can give them some direction. We can’t stand by and watch this great Canadian company go down like this!

  2. Really good points. They must get this already at RIM though. So why haven’t they moved on it?

  3. RIM is done so let’s just leave it at that 😦

  4. Just saw this on LinkedIn.
    Interesting perspective. BES is a strategic asset for now. Hopefully RIM management doesn’t squander the value like they did with their other assets.

  5. What possible value can BES have if the damn phones are disappearing? Future Playbook isn’t even going to connect to BES they’ve indicated!

  6. Great post! You hit the nail right on the head with this one!

  7. Markets aren’t agreeing with you 🙂

  8. I stopped using blackberry a year ago. Samsung Galaxy S had completely changed how I use my phone.

  9. This is so right! Wish management here would do this. It’s been suggested before but largely ignored. Sad to see such a drop in market dominance. 😦

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