The All Purpose Tool: Day In the Life of My iPad

So many people I know have been getting iPads.  These are people who previously didn’t want one because they felt “what do I need one for?  What would I do with it?”  A colleague of mine referred to the iPad as “the device made for nothing, that does everything”.  I really liked that sentiment and wanted to craft a blog post to capture what it really means.  After a bit of thought, I figured I’d simply log everything I did on the iPad in a single day and describe it chronologically so you can get a sense of how this amazing device has truly become an all purpose tool for me both professionally and personally.

So I kept track through a single day of all the things I did with the iPad a short while ago.  Read on to see how it accompanied me throughout the day.

Day in the Life of my iPad

4:05am – upon waking at just before 4am, I grab my iPad and head down to the kitchen table to have my breakfast.  As my espresso brews, the Globe and Mail is downloading to my iPad via the Globe2Go app.

4:35am – Breakfast done and the paper read (complete with articles Tweeted and emailed to various people) I look over my agenda using the To Do app I have.

4:37am – I quickly get take a peak at the health of some of the systems at work by launching Pingdom, which monitors three external services.

4:39am – Before jumping into the shower, I launch the WSJ app so that paper will download for me while I’m showering and getting dressed

5:00am – I showered, dressed and working in my home office.  I have a client meeting so I’m not heading downtown today.  I bring up my notes that I hand wrote using PhatPad from some meetings the week before.  I work on some client presentation material based on the notes.

6:35am – The presentation I’ve been working on is done, I transfer it to Keynote on my iPad, open Keynote and make sure the presentation formating and layout has remained the same.  I tweak a few things in the presentation, add some transitions and I’m ready to present.

6:55am – I’m meeting a former colleague at Starbucks.  I arrive early, he arrives late.  So I read various news items in my personalized magazine called Zite.  Again, I tweet article of interest, and email articles to various people.

8:15am – I arrive at my clients with solely my iPad in hand.  I have a bluetooth keyboard at my desk here and set to working on a memo prior to my 9am meeting using Pages.

8:55am – I use the Citrix Receiver app and use it to secure access our environment back in the office. I use it to access our Practice Management suite and input/update my timesheet.

9:00am – I have meeting and reference some handouts provided via email.  They are PDF documents so I use GoodReader – I review the material, mark it up with my own notes and then at the close of the meeting, send the PDF with my notes back to the original sender.

10am – 12pm – I am in and out of PhatPad, email, my calendar and my To Do list as I move from various meetings or ad hoc working sessions with people.  6 times I access files I need via Dropbox.

12pm – I eat lunch and read the Wall Street Journal I’d downloaded earlier in the day.  I also video Skype with my wife and get caught up on our respective days

1pm – I use Mindjet Mind Manager to create a mindmap while listening in on a discussion that is planning for some strategy work at my clients

2pm – I head down to my office and listen to Bloomberg magazine content via the app on my iPad

3-5pm – Phatpad comes out numerous times as I take notes in the office.  To Do app is updated repeatedly, with tasks being completed or new tasks being added.  I also pull up a reference book (Professional Services Marketing) to refer to a diagram during a meeting using my Kindle app.

5pm – I make updates to a project plan using SG Project Pro – once the updates are made, I email it directly from the application to my client

6:30pm – I review any new help desk tickets and their status from the ZenDesk app on my iPad

8:30pm – My daughter wants a story read before bed; we download The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore and enjoy the story together

10:00pm – I read a book using the Kindle app while riding on my recumbent bike at home for 30 minutes.  At the end of the ride, I input my time, distance and heart rate in the Runkeeper app.

10:30pm – I update expenses and home budget using the HomeBudget app.  I pay two bills via online banking using my banks iPad app

10:45pm – I’m checking out the latest news via NewsRack and then also with Zite

11:30pm – With everyone drifted off sleep, I quietly watch with a headset a television show (Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares…yeah…I’m a foodie at heart)  via Netflix app on my iPad

12:10am – I look over my calendar for tomorrow, set my using Clock Pro

As you can see from the above typical day scenario, the iPad has truly become an all-purpose device for me.  Even this post was created on the iPad using the WordPress app (not on the day listed above but while I am now between meetings at a client location over my lunch).

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13 replies

  1. Some good apps in this post I’d not heard of! Going to look at Phatpad today!

  2. Excellent post! You are an iPad addict it seems!!
    Definitely some take away apps from the post I need to check out. Have you found an app or used an app that lends itself to performance reviews and performance management?

  3. Killer post. Good way to get other app ideas. I like the mindmap tool – I was looking at several but will check that one out too.

  4. Just saw your post reshared on linkedin and enjoyed it immensely. you are an ipad poweruser!

  5. Wow looks like you are extremely organized and do not sleep?? 🙂
    Now how would it affect you if you did not have your ipad for a week? I also feel that sometimes we let our devices shape what we do and how we do it – depending on what apps are available.. With smartphones and tablets out there our times of boredom are gone.. and some argue best ideas get born when we are just bored and passively thinking…..

  6. I was one of those people who did not think I needed an iPad. Then at a conference as someone walked up to collect one as a door prize I wished it was me. Hmmm. Next day I bought one. Now I can’t live without it. It fits in my purse. I use my Samsung Galaxy Vibe smart phone and Mobile app to tether for G3 access if I am not in a wifi area (topped up my Bell Mobility plan for an extra $10 per month to handle 6GB data. ) I have 64GB iPad 2 so tons of space for projects. I use Penultimate for note taking and doodling during staff meetings, and Things to manage my projects. Like you it is with me all day. Check out my blog post “One receipt at a time” at about how I used iPad to tackle pile of receipts. Love your blog.

  7. Please correct URL in last commetn. Thanks! (darn iPod autofill!)

  8. I tried a Playbook for 2 weeks. Returned it. Nothing I could do with it. Have had an iPad now for 2 months and it’s changed the way I work! Really liked this post!

  9. Fantastic post! Downloading a bunch of the apps you’ve suggested.

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