App Wednesday: Omnigraffle for iPad

I’ve been a long time user of a robust application on my Mac called Omnigraffle.  It is a Visio-like equivalent for the Mac thought I have always found it to be a nicer / easier program to use.  So imagine my delight when the Omni Group brought this great app to the iPad.  I’ve used it now for over a year, but thought it would make a great app to feature on this week’s App Wednesday.  If you’d like my perspective on this fantastic productivity app read on!

When the Omnigraffle first came to the iPad I was worried that it might be hard to use.  Would the application have been adapted to the touchscreen?  Remember, this was an app born on the desktop.  It extensively used the mouse with left and right clicking.  It used menus and key commands.  I was worried that it might not have the features/functions, or, that it would be too complicated to use.  When it comes to using a productivity app on the iPad, the tool cannot get int the way of completing the task.  If it does get in the way, then it becomes a hinderance rather than an enabler.   In truth the first version of Omnigraffle for iPad was good but not perfect.  It was tricky to use to actually create detailed diagrams.  I’m happy to report however, that after various updates, it is now fantastic to use: easy, simply yet powerful.  I’ve created detail diagrams, everything from complex process flow diagrams right on through to wireframe mockups for websites.  It’s easy to use and lends itself to working in a mobile fashion.  It allows you to create multiple canvases for each document so you can create a series of diagrams complete with various layers.

Omnigraffle can easily export diagrams to the Mac client and vice versa can open any diagram created on your Mac.   You can also open Visio diagrams which is awesome!   What I particularly like as well is that you can email the diagrams you are working on either as a native Omnigraffle file, a PDF or an image.

In my opinion, if you need to be able to diagram ideas, create flow charts or mockup user interface, Omnigraffle for the iPad is an absolute winner.

If you are interested in seeing a short video clip where I show various types of diagrams I created right on my iPad, feel free to watch the video below.

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  1. Not anywhere near as good as Visio.

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