App Wednesday: Zite

Well the app I had planned to recommend for this App Wednesday is a great reading app called Zite.  I wanted to begin with a congratulations to the Zite team for their recently announced news that they were acquired by CNN.  So what is Zite?  It is a personalized magazine, also sometime referred to as a smart magazine.  You indicate topics of interest and it pulls content from varied sources to create a magazine for you.  The more you read, share and rate content, the more Zite learns what you like and the magazine becomes more and more personalized over time.  The level of content personalization is fantastic – it has become an app that I open at least 2-3 times day.  It is also beautifully designed in both the way it lays out content and the way you interact with that content.  I highly recommend this app for those of you who are looking for a great way to curate content and create a personalize reading experience.  Let’s hope that now that they’ve been acquired that the app continues to be as great as it is now.

For your viewing pleasure, the video below shows you Zite in action.  Watch it and then go grab it.

Happy reading.

Zite: Personalized Magazine for iPad from on Vimeo.

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  1. Flipboard is better.


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