Welcome To App Wednesday!

There is no doubt that apps for mobile devices are increasingly becoming important. Early on in the tablet space, companies such as RIM and Google derided the need for apps – but over the past year, even they have recognized the need and strength of a good app ecosystem.

The “app” allows you to customize, personalize and shape your tablet into the device that is just perfect for you. That is why my iPad has become so indispensable.

So I thought I’d start a feature here on mip’s scan called App Wednesday. Each Wednesday I will share with you an app that I’ve found to be of value. Sometimes the app will be an “oldie, but a goodie”. Sometimes the app will be a brand spanking new download that shows real promise.

So let’s get started for this week.

First up: GoodReader

This is an absolutely indispensable app for me. GoodReader allows my to open PDF documents (and other docs as well like Office but I don’t really use it for that). What I love about GoodReader is the ability to create annotated notes on a PDF.

The iPad already does a great job allowing you to view PDF documents. Often when I get a PDF in an email, I just tap and read. There are often times, however, where I need to review a PDF document and make notes. Often in meetings where materials have been distributed via email, I find it really useful to be able to create notes right on the PDF document being reviewed.

GoodReader allows you to either create a copy of the PDF and then saves the annotations as a part of that newly created PDF document. I do this when I need to keep the integrity of the original. You can also opt to simply save the annotations to the original file.

What I find brilliant about GoodReader is that when I have finished annotating a document, it allows me to email that annotated document to others. I can send only the annotations or the entire PDF with annotations appended at the end of the document but referencing the correct location within the document where I added the annotated note. In addition to typed annotated notes, I can mark up any PDF as well – circle things, strike things out, high light items. It is just like working with a paper copy – only better because I can easily file and share the document when I am done.

GoodReader is an easy to use app, beautifully designed – the user interface makes it a joy to work with. It is definitely a good app to check out and consider for your iPad. On my device, it probably gets opened at least 2-3 times a day.

I highly recommend this app!

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3 replies

  1. I love Good Reader as well! Super program that has to be my number 1 pick for ipad apps.
    Love the post!

  2. I use iAnnotate and it works well too. Great for marking up PDFs.


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