What Will Be Your Next Phone?

As an input to an upcoming post I have coming out this week, I wanted to get a sense from my readers as to what their next phone purchase will be.  Are you a diehard Blackberry user who plans to stick with the new line of Blackberry’s?  Are you waiting to make the switch to the new iPhone once the iPhone 5 is announced?  Are you fed up with the locked in model and planning to jump to Google’s “open” approach?  Or are these major players just not cutting it for you and you have your sites set on something entirely different?

I am interested to know!  Please vote below.

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3 replies

  1. Will you please share the breakdown of the votes in the other category when your poll has concluded?

  2. Great follower of your website, a ton of your blog posts have truly helped me out. Awaiting updates!

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