Re-Launch of mip’s scan

Well, after 7 years of using a certain blogging platform, I decided that this was the right juncture to transition to a new platform. I wanted something with a robust set of blogging tools and a foundation that allowed for on-the-fly reformatting of the site for mobile devices like the iPad (if you have an iPad, try reading my site on it, you will be pleasantly surprised).  So I’ve transitioned mip’s scan to WordPress and look forward to re-launching my ongoing blogging efforts here.

As with all “moves” nothing is ever smooth – and so, all my old content from my previous years of blogging seems stuck, so I am starting a new, but will attempt to migrate some of my posts from before into this new location.

Stay tuned for a lot of interesting posts, podcasts and videoCasts that will begin to post over the next few days.

Thanks for reading!  Look forward to having my dedicated readers join me here and continue in the conversations we’ve been having.

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  1. mip!!

    I was wondering when you’d return! So nice to see you blogging again. Love the new look and feel. WordPress hands down beats out Typepad – good choice.

    Look forward to seeing some future posts.

  2. You can export your old blog and then import to WordPress.

  3. What a nice surprise this morning in my inbox. An update from mip’s scan! Nice to have you back blogging.

  4. Benvenuto indietro mip! Osservi in avanti a leggere la vostra analisi.

  5. What blogging tool were you using before? There might be a way to export your old content. Can I get a copy of your ecosystem post? I’ve referenced it a million times over the past year!

  6. Look forward to reading your posts again. What are your thoughts on good enterprise cloud storage options?
    Welcome back!

  7. What a great surprise. Glad to see you back up and posting. Maybe you can publish all your old posts as a book

  8. Was wondering when you’d resurface. Look forward to some thought provoking posts.

  9. That’s a shame about your other posts. Can you copy and paste them here? Maybe the “best of” posts.
    Welcome back to blogging. Can’t wait to start reading again!

  10. Video podcasts please! And the mid-week update would be great!

  11. Entertain us! Missed your funny and informative articles.

  12. Nice to see you back to writing.

  13. Cool. Did a doubletake on my RSS reader! Hadn’t seen your feed popup in a long time! I was waiting for your Playbook review!

  14. You’ll love wordpress for blogging.
    Welcome aboard!

  15. Thank you everyone. I’m humbled by your enthusiasm. Thanks for reading – let’s generate some good conversations!

  16. Nice blog. Welcome back. Get writing. Missed your insight.

  17. So nice to have mip’s scan in my inbox again! BTW, I’m writing from my reborn PC:) Thanks!


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