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Fall of The PC Era

No doubt by now you’ve heard or read that HP is planning to leave the PC market.  It has been widely reported hundreds of times over and in hundreds of different publications.  I’m not here to report on that; the facts are what they are and you can find them elsewhere.

What I do want to talk about is what this means.  It’s a sign in a growing trend.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Post-PC-Era.  I know that many people flinch when they hear that.  The reason for that is simple:  people refuse to accept that the iPad has so radically changed computing that PC sales are falling off.

What do I say?  I’d agree with those critics.  “What!” you are saying. “mip, who loves Apple and his iPad doesn’t think that the device from Apple has killed the PC?”

Before you think that I’m joking, let me explain.

I do believe we are in the Post-PC Era, but it’s important to understand that this will be a transition.  Not a clear demarcation point where on one side we were all using PCs and then on the other side we all use tablets.  The Post-PC era is like the fall of Rome.  Looking back now, we can peg where the fall of the Roman Empire occurred, but the people living in that time period had no idea things were changing.  There were signs back then, but nobody thought Rome was falling.The same is true for PCs.

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