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mip’s scan Podcast: The End of The Week Update!

Thanks for joining me for today’s podcast!  It’s been a short week, a busy week, and I’m happy to pause and discuss a couple of items in today’s 15 minute podcast.  Today I talk about things like:

  • the launch of the iPhone 4s
  • RIM’s catastrophic global outage leaves it with a black eye
  • Strategic Perspective: Make IT a Revenue Driver Inside Your Organization

I hope that you find the topics today to be entertaining, informative and thought provoking.

To listen to today’s show, simply click the link below.

mips scan podcast – oct14

mip’s scan Podcast: The End of The Week Update!

End of another week here and that means another End of the Week Update!

It’s been a busy roller-coaster kind of week and so I’ve kept it a brief update.  I’ve got a short reflection on the passing of Steve Jobs and how he influenced my working life.  As well, I’ve got a very brief teaser on the new OS coming out next week for download.  I put it onto my iPhone 4 and it’s awesome and I share just a little thought on it without giving too much away.

To enjoy today’s podcast, click on the link below.

End of the Week – Oct 7

mip’s scan Podcast: The End of The Week Update – A Focus On Mobile Strategies

Hello everyone! Hope this podcast is finding you well here at the end of the week.  Today’s show is about 7 minutes long and focuses on the mobile computing space, specifically:

  • a brief discussion regarding RIM and what the latest drop in results means they should do
  • Windows 8 – Microsoft is moving to reinvent Windows and themselves in the process.  How does Windows 8 look so far? Tune in to see what I think

I hope you all enjoy today’s show!  Stay tuned for next week, where the end of the week update will be in audio and video format as well!

To listen to today’s show, simply click the link below.


mip’s scan Podcast: The End of The Week Update

Welcome to episode #2 of The End of the Week Update here on mip’s scan. For your listening pleasure this week I’ve got three segments to today’s show.

  • Google Plus: how does Google’s latest entry in the social networking landscape look now that I’ve been using it for some time?
  • Strategic Perspectives: a new segment I’ve added to the mix that will look at the strategic perspective of emerging trend. This weeks Strategic Perspective looks at the changing role of IT departments within organizations.
  • Evernote: a long time favourite tool of mine, I thought I’d share some thoughts on it prior to a detailed blog post coming out next week on this amazing service.

I hope you enjoy today’s show. As always, join the conversation! Something you want to have discussed, drop me a line via the comments.
To listen to today’s show, find the recording below.

Weekly Update – Sept2

mip’s Podcast: End of The Week Update

Welcome to newly launched mip’s scan podcast.  Previously, I use to do the Midweek Update here on mip’s scan, but figured that an end of the week recap would work better these days given how busy life seems to be.

Each week, on Friday’s I will have a brief podcast available for your listening pleasure.

So here’s the round-up for this week’s episode!

  • Life After Steve Jobs: A Reflection on Steve Jobs’ Resignation
  • Departure of HP from the Tablet Market: What Does It Signal
  • Get Your Groove On: A Brief Note on Grooveshark

Thanks for listening everyone!

Weekly Update: August 26


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